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VizCareer’s technology product is designed to dramatically improve the way in which clients can identify and engage with specific talent pools, subsequently allowing potential candidates to engage back into a recruitment process, all on one integrated platform. Employers can manage and share their own campaigns, enhanced with our app technology and recruiting the most successful applicant. Essentially the traditional job advertising and candidate assessment elements are replaced by video adverts and video responses maximising the reach and power of social media.

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For Munro, VizCareer has enhanced our approach to recruitment by allowing us to utilise leading edge recruitment technology as a means to innovate the entire recruitment process.

Our clients wish to attract more diverse and higher quality individuals and by introducing the VizCareer platform it now allows us to combine traditional search methodology, with state of the art technology. We have found this gives us a greater depth of attraction from the likes of millennials and the more digital savvy candidates that clients specifically wish to target.

Also as a business, we can now handle many more vacancies per consultant than we could previously using only traditional methods as VizCareer controls all the targeted advertising and assessment elements within one portal, representing significant administration and time savings for both ourselves and our clients. VizCareer has enhanced the services we offer and transformed the way in which we can get the employer brand directly to the right candidate audiences first time and has allowed Munro to demonstrate a market leading approach to resourcing in the 21st century.

Allan Wyllie (Director)


Applicant Engagement System

Let your applicants engage in your organisational brand, using the power of video and social media combined you can speak and engage with your target candidate pool about not only the position but also showcase your company ethos, working style and brand as well as ensure you ask the important questions your role demands.

Unique to the market

No one else has a system quite like ours. Use VizCareer to build your campaign from start to finish with our unique tools and social media integration.

Suitable for all businesses

Your VizCareer campaign is fully scalable and ideal for enterprises of all sizes. Create multiple campaigns for departments, or manage users right from your dashboard.

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